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Prior to undertaking any project we have an extensive planning procedure. Material suppliers, equipment requirements and required manpower are among the things taken into consideration before the start of any project. Zamra has excellent links with both national and international material suppliers that allow us to obtain the best quality materials. We only ever source materials from a list of internally approved quality suppliers.

Every project has a dedicated project management team that reports regularly to top management. Our vigorous project monitoring and tracking system enables us to identify issues before they become problems. It also ensures all projects run on time and helps circumvent delays. Top management is also intimately involved in monitoring and controlling each project from inception to completion.

We have been ISO 9001:2008 certified since December 2013. We also passed two surveillance audits that took place during the subsequent years (2014, 2015). The surveillance audits are conducted after the initial certification audit to ensure that an organization’s management system still conforms to ISO standards

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