• Health and Sefety
  • Health and Sefety

Caring for its employees

Health and Safety

Zamra has a very comprehensive Health and Safety policy. The wellbeing of our employees is of paramount importance to us. Before the commencement of any construction project, a comprehensive risk assessment is undertaken. The various tasks are categorized based on 5 levels of risk with the highest being “Hazardous”. Any methods defined as “Hazardous” are subject to further review to decide whether they can be eliminated or replaced by safer methods.

Everyone receives safety training before going on a new project. In addition, all site staff are fully equipped with the necessary safety equipment such as overalls, goggles and helmets.

Every site has weekly “toolbox” meetings. These meetings are used to update employees on any important safety issues they need to be aware as well as including brainstorming sessions that help to identify any potential safety concerns and the best ways to alleviate them.

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