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About Us

Who We Are

We value our clients, which is why we aim to consistently deliver projects on time and to the highest standards. Part of that means looking after our people; our employees are some of the happiest in Ethiopia. We believe that good people lead to good results. Our streamlined management system enables us to finish projects faster and more efficiently.

We take pride in our robust planning infrastructure and project monitoring procedures that ensure we are always on top of things. Our firm is dedicated to a philosophy of continuous improvement. This is why we are in the top ten of all building contractors in the country!

We operate all over Ethiopia with our head office in Addis Ababa and regional project offices throughout the country.



The Top Management of Zamra Construction PLC and its staff are highly committed to meeting the needs and expectations of customers stakeholders, statutory and regulatory requirements by applying state-of-the-art technology, using highly qualified and motivated man-power and implementing quality management system in its processes.

Zamra is committed to maintaining and consistently improving our quality management system by reviewing customer and stakeholder feedback, conducting internal quality audit results as well as reports on performance of the quality management system.

In its operations, Zamra values timeliness, effectiveness, integrity, competence, learning and growth.



Become one of the most preferred business firms in the construction sector in East Africa by the year 2020.

Strategic Goals

Zamra Construction Plc. aims to:

  • Construct high quality buildings, roads, bridges and other civil infrastructure projects with efficiency that meets the required standards.
  • Create forward and backward linkages within the construction industry to produce and supply industrial products necessary for its business for national and international markets.
  • Create the necessary capacity in all construction aspects (organizational, human resources, machinery and equipment, technology etc.) to qualify for international projects.
  • Focus on huge and complex construction projects in order to continue its current level of growth.


In our 16-year history, Zamra has proven time and time again that we are leaders in quality and excellence.

Did you know?

In the past, some of our more remote sites were extremely inaccessible. At one point, Zamra had to use over 250 donkeys working in shifts to transport everything from building materials to water!
  • 2000 – After breaking away from Milestone PLC, Zamra is born as a grade 6 Building Contractor.
  • 2008 – Zamra achieves Grade 1 building contractor status
  • 2013 – Zamra awarded ISO 9001:2008 certification

The Present Day

  • Zamra is set to break the 1 billion ETB revenue mark this year! With a 706 million ETB project in Gondar, along with a 250 million ETB project in Kolfe and a 594 million ETB project in Mekelle we will comfortably reach 1 billion this year!
  • We are on the road to becoming a Grade 1 General Contractor – in line with our goals to expand into road, bridge and waterworks construction.
  • We have also recently relocated to our new headquarters in Ayat. The five-storey edifice housed on a 1,000 square metre site gives us more space to assist with our expansion projects.

We look forward to moving on to even bigger and better accomplishments in the coming decades!

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